Providing excellent service
while offering an unparalleled brand promise.

Al Jaber Optical prides itself on its excellent service while offering a brand promise that is unparalleled in the UAE. And in that quest, we’ve ensured that our service standard is one of the best, if not the best in the country. Our reputation precedes itself, with awards that we have won over the years for our superior service in eye-care.

Entering an Al Jaber Optical shop makes for a memorable shopping experience. Our customers are taken care of from the moment they step into our stores, until they step out completely satisfied, offering an exquisite experience to any shopper.

Free Eye Test in Dubai
Al Jaber Optical has not just been associated with high quality products, but also with its all inclusive eye examination service. Our quality and exemplary service is achieved through constant updating of instruments to keep up with the latest technology and employing only optometrists with accredited international experience.

Contact Lens Fitting UAE
In Al Jaber Optical you can seek contact lens fitting services from our eye care practitioners that will allow you to be successful contact lens wearers, whether you are routinely wearing contact lens as the primary source of vision correction or a new wearer. You can consult our licensed optometrists on what type of lenses suits you best.

• Soft Contact lenses
• Multifocal Contact Lenses
• Toric Contact lenses
• Gas Permeable Keratoconus Contact Lenses
Vision Screening Test in Dubai
Al Jaber Optical offers vision screening to give people the opportunity to have a free eye test and get a consultation with our experienced optometrists. This program of Al Jaber Optical creates more awareness for the people throughout the country about eye health and deficiencies at an early stage. At the moment we are doing this program with the following:

• Schools
• Colleges
• Universities
• Government Offices
• Private Companies

For booking and inquiries, please send us an email at
[email protected]
Al Jaber Optical Workshop
Al Jaber Optical shops operate modern optical laboratories with up to date equipments and machines handled by our experienced optical technicians in preparing custom fitted optical lenses with the size and style of optical frames selected by the customer. Al Jaber Optical tries to deliver your glasses within thirty minutes, depending on the availability of the lenses.
Free Delivery in UAE
As an added benefit, Al Jaber Optical offers FREE delivery of eye-care products within UAE. All orders are delivered on a daily basis. We also provide deliveries worldwide with a shipping fee.