Are you suffering from Low Vision?
Al Jaber Optical has launched HUMANWARE products that offers a complete range of
innovative products to empower people who are blind or
with low vision.
Explore 3.5"
Explore 5" HD
Explore 8 " HD - New Device
Duo 20" Speech : English/Arabic
Duo 24" Speech : English Arabic
Desktop 20" Speech : English /Arabic
Desktop 24" Speech : English /Arabic
Connect 12" speech : English/Arabic
Connect 12" with camera EN/AR
ProdigiTablet Speech : English /Arabic
Brailliant BI14
Brailliant BI32/Arabic
Brailliant BI40/Arabic
Brailliant BI80/Arabic
BrailleNote 32 BT/QT Arabic
BrailleNote 32 BT/QT Arabic
BrailleNote 18 BT/QT - Arabic
BrailleNote Touch BT32
Perkins Brailler Red