Born in the Bronx in New York City in 1939, Ralph Lauren came from humble beginnings but has gon on to conquer the world of fashion. Some might now say he's the most influential fashion visionaries that have ever graced the Earth. What began with a simple tie collection the Ralph Lauren brand has now grown into an entire world of fashion which spans from tailored clothes to chic sportswear and accessories.


Polo Ralph Lauren embodies the classic elagant style of the sport brand that inspired him. It would surely be a sin to omit Ralph Lauren if you were to composing a list of the biggest name fashion designers of all time.In his first boutiques, Polo Ralph Lauren encourage his customers to participate in lfestyle choices being at the forefront of lifestyle advertisements. Polo Ralph Lauren is a global name and has always stood for providing quality products, primarily thanks to their all-American approach to fashion, fragrance and accessories.


The latest shapes and styles of Polo Ralph Lauren frames are stunning! with the most popular ones just flying off the shelves. Polo Ralph Lauren glasses and sunglasses are distinct in their style, an elegance that has evolved over the five decades since their conception. The Polo Ralph Lauren eyewear collection is constructed from only the finest materials and each frame is designed to meet the Ralph Lauren philosophy.